The International Art Colony - Patkovača

The International Art Colony “Patkovača“ is a cultural manifestation the organizer of which is The Association of the Artists Derventa - ULIKS. The first art colony was held in 2005. The Colony is held on the excursion site “Patkovača“, not far away from Derventa, at the end of July or beginning of August and lasts from one to seven days.

            Within the Colony, the workshops and cultural events, mainly concerts are held. The painting and sculpturing workshops for children and adults are led by reputable lecturers. The members of the Literary Club “Vihor“ from Derventa present themselves with their works to the visitors and members of the Colony.

The artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria and Montenegro take part on the manifestation.

Upon the closing of the International Art Colony in the “Cultural Center Derventa“, in October, an exhibition of all the works created during the subject Art Colony is held.


Organizer's Contact:

Association of Artists “ULIKS“ Derventa

Trg Oslobođenja bb

74 400 Derventa

Saša Bogdan, the president of the Association

00 387 (65) 902 400