Chocolate boutique

Derventa chocolate boutique “MD Chocolate Boutique“ is located in Derventa town center, on Trg Oslobođenja Square. The Chocolate Boutique was opened in April of 2016, and it is the only chocolate boutique in this part of Republic of Srpska. 

All products are made of the well-known Belgian chocolate of high quality, without preservatives and additives, while all the flavors are on the natural basis.

In the Chocolate Boutique pralinas of about twenty different flavors (cinnamon, perry, marzipan, chilly, raspberry, coffee...), refracted white and black chocolate of various flavors, chocolates with dried fruit and nuts, pure black chocolate, cocoa, chocolate roses, lollipops, sticks and chips can be found. The most attractive sweet is a pralina with 24 carat edible gold. No single product is the same neither by the taste nor by the decoration.


Contact details:

Choclate Boutique “MD Chocolate Boutique“

Trg Oslobođenja bb

74 400 Derventa

Daira Milaimi, the owner of the Chocolate Boutique

Phone: 00 387 (0) 61 595 443