Poets Meetings "Prljača"

The International St. Ilija's Poets Meetings “Prljača“ is the cultural manifestation which has the aim of developing and improving artistic creation and protection of “water flower“. The meetings are organized at the beginning of August, and the organizer is Serbian Literary Club “Vihor“. The Manifestation has been held since 2001. 


A few months before the organization of the event, the organizer invites tenders for the best poems about water, “water flower“ and humorous poems, and upon the closing of the tender the organizer prints the anthology with all the received poems. Until 2011 the Manifestation has lasted for one day, while since then it lasts for two days. During the first day the poets represent themselves by reciting the poems on the Patkovača river beach or at the Town's Square. During the second day, the participants of the gathering, use morning hours for sightseeing the touristic goods of Derventa, while in the afternoon they socialize with the guests and attend the Best Poet Awards ceremony.

At first the manifestation gathered writers from Republic of Srpska and the fishermen from Derventa and Prnjavor, while since 2010 it has been a manifestation of an international character. The meetings gather up to 50 poets from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands and other countries, as well as the numerous guests- poetry and nature admirers.

Since 2001 to 2012 the manifestation had been organized on “Prljača“ river beach in Cerani, upon which it was moved to “Žuti most“ excursion site in Donji Detlak, while since 2016 it has been held on the excursion site “Tešendić“ in Donja Lupljanica.