Public Library “Branko Radičević” Derventa

              Public Institution the Public Library “Branko Radičević” is located in the town’s center, in the building which has been built in 1896 and which is the oldest object in Derventa. The building has been proclaimed as the cultural monument and it is under the protection of the State.

               The Public Institution comprises of the library and a museum collection. The Library is located on the ground floor of the building occupying the space of 320 m2, and it is divided in an adult readers section, the section for the children up to 14 years and a homeland collection. The Library owns general and study reading room with computers and daily newspapers. The library fond reaches about 38,000 books, while it has approximately 2,000 readers annually.

               The first reading room in Derventa was founded in 1888; in the period between two wars there was a smaller Derventa municipality library, while the first library was founded in 1945.

              The museum collection consists of ethnological, archeological and historical corpus, and can be seen on a daily basis on a permanent exhibition, on the first floor of the building.

The Institution hosts literary gatherings, book promotions, painting exhibitions, student competitions in reciting, film programs, courses etc. while the Night of the Museums is held in May.


Public Institution the Public Library “Branko Radičević”

Trg oslobođenja 2, 74 400 Derventa

00 387 (0)53 332 961