Public Institution Cultural Center Derventa

        Public Institution Cultural Center Derventa has been founded in 2009, with the aim of improving the development of the general knowledge and education, as well as to affirm contemporary and traditional cultural values of Derventa municipality.

        Cultural Center is located in the city center, in the building of former JNA Center (YPA Center). The object occupies the surface of approximately 3,000 m2 of usable area, it has got a big hall with the stage providing 400 seats, a small hall which is at the same time the gallery area, restaurant with 300 seats, classrooms, a reading room and a library.

         Solemn academies, shows, exhibitions, theater plays and movies, literary and folklore evenings and concerts are usually held in the Cultural Center. In the building it is possible to organize seminars, courses, lunches, business meetings, proms and other manifestations. On average, three manifestations are held every week, and those are usually visited by approximately 150 visitors.


Public Institution Cultural Center Derventa

Trg Oslobođenja 1, 74 400 Derventa

00 387 (0)53 333 190