Sports and recreational center “Olimp”

       Sports and Recreational Center “Olimp” is located in the town’s area of Derventa, upstream from the Old Bridge and the town’s park, nearby the left bank of the Ukrina River.

Within the “Olimp” there are three pools, handball, volleyball, basketball and soccer court, three tennis courts, “Folmer” the  four-lane bowling alley and a restaurant with a coffee bar.

     The dimensions of the Olympic pool are 50 x 20 meters with the depth reaching 1.8 to 4.5 meters, with the ten meters high diving board. Recreational swimming pool reaches the dimensions of 25 x 15 meters and has the depth of 1.65 meters. Children swimming pool is of elliptic shape with the length of 10 meters and the depth suitable for children.

      During the summer, the Center hosts diving competitions since 2012, the tennis tournament for children up to ten years since 2009 and the “Games without limits” since 2013, while swimming and sports schools, concerts and other manifestations are also held.

SRC “Olimp” Derventa was opened in 2010 and it is owned by “Rajms-S company” LLC Company from Derventa.


Sports and Recreational Center “Olimp”

19. April, 74 400 Derventa

00 387 (0)53 333 799