“Kalenderovac cheese”

            “Kalenderovac cheese” is a traditional fat cow cheese which is a characteristic for the area of Derventa. It was named after Kalenderovci Village, where, upon the end of the World War the Second, the organized and mass production of the cheese had started in an agricultural association.

               The cheese is made by boiling fresh milk (jomuža), after which vinegar is added into the milk. After that milk proteins transform into the nubs (coagulation) and form cheese, while the whey is being extracted. The cheese is then salted and placed into the cast made of lime branches, the dimensions of which are usually 13x13x7 cm. After that the cheese is drained by pressing it with a stone the weight of which is around three kilograms, and then the cheese is left to be dried from three to six days in a dark airy room. Around 10 liters of milk is necessary for the production of one cheese weighting approximately 1.3 kg. The cheese can also be dried on the smoke which leads to the production of the smoked cheese.