Hiking and Ecological Club “Abonos“ Derventa

Hiking and Ecological Club “Abonos” from Derventa was formed in 2016, within the citizen association – Youth Center “Derbent“. The Club counts 15 permanent members, while dozens of people take part in the activities of the club.

The goal of the Club is development of sports and recreational habits of Derventa citizens, especially through walking, hiking and spending time in nature.

The main activities are organization of hiking trips, education (development of ecological, sport and recreational awareness of the citizens, orientation and survival in the nature, as well as camping school) and protection and promotion of natural heritage of Derventa municipality and wider.

Derventa climbers, during 2016, have conquered the peaks of following mountains: Ljubić (Svinjar, 596 m), Mihajlovac (Mali Mihajlovac 1333 m), Borja (Velika Runjevica, 1077 m), Manjača (Velika Manjača, 1239 m),  Očauša (Mihajlovac, 1402 m), Vranica (Krstac, 2069 m), Motajica (Gradina, 652 m), Lipovac (Lipovac, 759 m), Maglić (Maglić, 2386 m), Čemernica (Goli Vis,  1339 m), Kozara (Gola Planina, 876 m), Otomalj (Ozomalj, 1054 m), Vučjak (Lipa, 367 m), Vlašić (Paljenik, 1943 m), and Vitorg (Mali Vitorg, 1747 m and Veliki Vitorog, 1906 m) and also visited the canyon of the Cvrcika River and the canyon of the Krupa River- waterfalls and the spring of the Krupa River, the Greben ruins and the Monastery Krupa on the Vrbas River.

At the end of 2016, routing of hiking and recreational path Agići- Lipe (327 meters)- Miškovci, which with its whole length is located in Derventa municipality, has begun. The route will be approximately 20 kilometers long, and it will be completed till the end of 2017.


Contact details:

Hiking and ecological Club “Abonos“

Association of cititizens - Youth club “Derbent“

Nikola Tesla bb

74 400 Derventa

Aleksandar Balaban, the president of the club

Phone: 00 387 (0) 65 333 700