“Visiting Monasteries of the Ukrina Valley by Bike”

        The Manifestation “Visiting the Monasteries of the Ukrina Valley by Bike” has the aim of developing sports and recreational activities of youth, and familiarizing with the cultural and historical heritage of the Ukrina River Valley. The event is held at the end of June or beginning of July, and its tradition dates back to 2012. The organizer of the manifestation is Public Institution “Tourist Organization of Derventa Municipality”, while the co-organizers are Tourist Organizations from Doboj, Brod, Srbac and Teslić.

          About 30 recreationists of all age groups take part in the Bike Race. The journey lasts for three days, and the length of the rout is around 150 kilometers. During the journey, the bike riders visit some of the Orthodox monasteries: Ritešić, Dubokovac, Donja Bišnja, Donji Detlak, Osovica, Stuplje and Liplje, as well as other cultural and natural goods: Babin Hrast (Grandma’s Oak Tree), hunting huts, the Ukrina River, the Drenovo pond and others. At the monasteries, the bike riders make camps in order to spend the night at the monastery and attend the service.


Organizer’s Contact Details:

Public Institution “Tourist Organization of Derventa Municipality”

Kralja Petra I bb

74 400 Derventa

00 387 (0)53 334 667