Homemade and eco products of Derventa

Larger number of village and agricultural households, in villages of Derventa, are engaged in production of healthy homemade and ecological products. Usually, those are bee products, organic food, homemade syrups, as well as teas.

Derevnta beekeepers produce honey, usually acacia, lime and meadow honey, as well as pollen; Propolis and royal jelly. When it comes to the honey production, households of Goran Merdžep, Duško Pijetlović, Čedomir Ćorić, Boro Dobrilović, Miodrag Radanović, Željko Danilović and Dalibor Kljajić stand out. While Brane Radanović is engaged in the production of royal jelly, and he is one of the biggest producers of jelly in B&H.

The Đekić agricultural household from Osinja is engaged in growing grains and medical plants.

“Eko Produkt” agricultural society from Plehan is engaged in the ecological production of grains, pumpkins, fruit and vegetables. When it comes to the products it is important to mention pumpkin oil, brandies, liquors, herb brandies, organic syrups, dried fruit and vegetables. For a while the association was engaged in goat cheese production.

“Bosnia Grows Organic” company from Bijelo Brodo, which was founded in 2016, will be engaged in the production of medicinal herbs and spices.