“Patkovača” the excursion site

        The excursion site “Patkovača” is located on the right bank of the Ukrina River, two kilometers upstream from Derventa town, on the right of Derventa- Kalenderovci road. It has been made on the spot where the Ukrina River, due to its meandering, forms a 150 meters long river beach. It is a sandy beach enriched with the willow trees.

“Patkovača” is the most significant river excursion site on the Ukrina River, with the longest tradition.

               The excursion site is mainly visited by the inhabitants of Derventa and its surroundings, as well as by Derventa citizens who live in diaspora. 

The majority of visits takes place during the summer, when the visitors come in order to bathe, relax, make barbeque or to fish. The International Art Colony “Patkovača” and the International Poets Meetings “Prljača”, as well as other cultural and sports manifestations are held on the “Patkovača” excursion site.

               In part “Patkovača” is owned by Public Institution „Tourist Organization of Derventa municipality“, which regularly maintains and cleans the beach. The Beach is equipped with electricity, water, bungalows, benches and tables, as well as with a smaller amphitheater.