" Dokić’s Mill "

Dokić’s Mill is located on the Lupljanica River in the village of Gornji Kalenderovci, and it is 9 kilometers far from Derventa. The mill was built in 1907, it was restored for several times, while in 2010 it has been completely reconstructed.

The mill is the property of the Dokić family, more precisely, Brano and his sons Darko and Mladen. Since 2010 the area of the Mill has been enriched with various items: bigger dike, small bridges, a hut which is still in the process of construction, a summer house, as well as with an area for relaxation and recreation.

There is a plan to build a fish pond, wider area for the sports activities, new bridges, while the construction of the dike on the Lupljanica River has been currently conducted.

In the Mill the owners grind corn, wheat, barley, rye and buckwheat.

           Beautiful specimens of carp, chub, catfish and other fish can be found in the water acumulation.


Name:                                                “Dokić's Mill“

Place:                                                 Gornji Kalenderovci Village, Derventa Municipality

Owner:                                               Branko Dokić

Phone:                                               00 387 (0)53329061; 00 387 (0)65629895