“ Discover Derventa “

Web site “Discover Derventa“, at the web address www.otkrijderventu.com, has the aim of presenting tourist values and potentials of Derventa Municipality to the tourists and visitors via Internet.

On the web site there are some basic information concerning Derventa touristic values, as well as news, announcements, interesting facts, services and other data regarding Derventa and its surroundings.

The web site material preparation has begun in the mid of 2015, the page has been completed in in mid of 2016, while it has been translated in other languages at the end of 2016. For 2017, the development of an android application “Discover Derventa“ has been planned.

An expert team for the development of the web site consists of:

·        Damir Kljajić, the coordinator and the chief editor of the web site;

·        Mladen Pećić and Ramajana Komnenović, the associates;

·        “BitLab“ Company, the web site developer;

·        Sandra Kljajić,  the proofreader of the texts;

·        Nina Mrđa, the translator of the texts in English;

For the web site, the photos of following authors have been used:

·        PI “Tourist Organization of Derevnta Municipality“;

·        Municipality of Derventa;

·        Damir Kljajić;

·        Ivan Živković;

·        Nikola Kulaga and

·        Savko Pećić.