“Derventa futsal“

“Derventa futsal“ is an international indoor soccer tournament which is held every year in December, in the Sports Hall in Derventa. The organizer of the event is Public Institution “Sports and Cultural Center Derventa“. 

The tournament has been held since 2001, but since 2006, it is held under the name “Derventa futsal“. The teams compete in the categories as follows: veterans, seniors, juniors and cadets, according to FIFA European futsal standards, with the judges from B&H Premier League.

The events gathers around 100 teams, 50 teams of which compete in senior category, while 15 teams come from abroad. On the tournaments, mainly participate the teams from B&H, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. The first place prize in the senior category is 9000 euros.



Organizer contact:

Public Institution Sports and Cultural Center Derventa“

Svetog Save 1

74 400 Derventa

00 387 (0)53 334 090