“ Stević’s Mill ”

Stević’s Mill is located in Drijen Village, in the western part of Derventa Municipality, and it is 17 kilometers far from the municipality center. It is the oldest mill on the river Ukrina.

The mill has been built at the end of the 19th century, and it was reconstructed in 1975 and 2010 respectively. The Mill was named after Stevo Milovanović, the great grandfather of Milovan Milovanović, the present owner of the Mill.

          The wooden part of the object is mainly located over the river Ukrina, while the remaining part is on the river bank. In the Mill there are two rooms- in the first one is the mill itself, while the second one is used for the relaxation of the miller as well as for socializing. Next to the Mill, an additional object is in the process of construction, and it will serve for catering purposes, since it will be a place suitable for enjoying in the beauties of the river Ukrina.

Besides the Mill, on the river Ukrina, there is a dike, with the purpose of increasing the water level of the river, so that mill can work during the major part of the year. The dike caused the accumulation suitable for fishing and bathing. On the opposite side of the river bank, in Štrpci village, there are a river beach and a smaller wooden restaurant.

During the summer, this part of the river Ukrina is visited by huge number of people who spend their time nearby the river and the mill, and who are also interested to hear some details concerning the construction and the work of the mill. In the Mill the visitors buy corn, wheat, buckwheat, and rye flour.

Stević's Mill represents cultural goods and a touristic value which, through the process of restoration, became more available to the visitors. The Mill is an interesting object of traditional building, and as such should be preserved for the future generations.


Name:                                                               “Stević’s Mill”

Place:                                                                Drijen village, Municipality of Derventa

Owner:                                                              Milovan Milovanović

Phone:                                                              00 387 (0)66 094 888