Public institution "Tourist organization of Derventa Muicipality"

Public institution “Tourist Organization of Derventa Municipality” (PI TODM), has been established by the Resolution of the Assembly of Derventa Municipality in 2008.


The aim of the “Tourist organization of Derventa Municipality” is to develop, preserve and protect touristic values in the area of Derventa Municipality.


Tourist Organization“ performs the following tasks:

·        Tourism promotion and improvement;

·        Elaboration of tourism development programs and corresponding planning documents;

·        Activity guiding and coordination of the touristic offer carriers and

·        Enrichment and improvement of the quality level of touristic, as well as complementary contents.

In the “Tourist Organization of Derventa Municipality” the following people are employed:

·        Damir Kljajić, the director;

·        Mladen Pećić, the associate for tourism;

·        Ramajana Komnenović, administrative and technical clerk;

·        Saša Bogdan, operational and technical clerk.


Public Institution “Tourist Organization of Derventa Municipality”

St. Kralja Petra I bb, 74 400 Derventa

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Public institution "Tourist organization of Derventa":