Drinks of Derventa area

Traditional drinks. The most widened alcoholic beverage in Derventa area is plum brandy, while wine is more rarely consumed. In the past, during the winter, the most consumed soft drinks were brine and fruit pickle (usually from wild pears), while during the summer those were whey and TIR with apple vinegar and sugar. Apples were used to make grinded mixture which was drunken before it fermented, while after the fermentation process it was used as fruit vinegar. Sherebet was made from the honey and brandy, while the syrup juice suitable to dilute with water was made from cherries, grapes or mixture of fruit.


Brandies. The traditional drink of Derventa area is brandy, which is a sort of strong alcoholic drink made during the distillation of the mixture made in the alcoholic fermentation process. The most common is plum brandy, while less common are pear, apple, quince, corn and mulberry brandies. Brandy is made by almost every village household, in a traditional way, by boiling the brandy in a caldron. For the production of brandy, “posavica” plum, then “ranka” or “bjelica” plums are most commonly used, while nowadays “čačanka” plum becomes more increasingly used. In the past, for pear brandy “karamut” pear was usually used, while recently “Williams” pear is most commonly used. Nowadays, more and more producers use contemporary techniques in brandy production, as well as modern digitalized distilleries. With such production exceptional quality is reached, so many producers are being awarded with certificates and awards for their products.  Among those, the Monastery of the Protecting Veil of Mother of God from Donja Bišnja that produces the brandies of plum, pear, quince and apricot, “Eden” restaurant which produces plum, pear and apple brandies, and “Plehan” convent producing plum, pear and apple brandies stand out.

Vine. In the past the vine was not much used, even when used it was usually for ceremonial purposes. Modest production and consummation of vine began in 19th century, with the arrival of Austro-Hungarian governance, while after the Second World War the majority of vineyards has been destroyed. Lately, restoration of the viticulture in Derventa area can be noticed; while among Derventa producers Kuzmanović wine-cellars from Mišinci and Đuričić wine-cellars form Velika Sočanica stand out.


LIQUOR. Homemade liquor is usually made from plum brandy in which cherries or walnuts as well as sugar are added. Well-known liquor producers are Monastery of the Protecting Veil of Mother of God Dona Bišnja where cherry liquor is produced, and “Plehan” convent where cherry, walnuts, quince and cornelian cherry as well as herb brandy are produced.


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